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Returns a list of all currently enabled 7tv emotes of a Twitch channel.


The maximum length of the output may cause not all currently enabled 7tv emotes to be listed at all times.


This variable takes one optional parameter that is a Twitch username of who to fetch a list of all currently enabled 7tv emotes of. Defaults to the current broadcaster's username if not provided.

Example Output

  • $(7tvemotes)

  • $(7tvemotes aiden)

    MONKERS PepePls pepePoint

Error Output

  • In case a user has no currently enabled 7tv emotes, returns the following:

    [Error: No 7tv emotes found.]
  • In case an invalid username is provided, returns the following:

    [Error: Twitch API returned an error.]
  • In case a user cannot be found, or is otherwise unavailable, returns the following:

    [Error: User not found.]