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Returns the latest status as well as the time that has passed since it was tweeted from a specified Mastodon account.

Profile must be available through

Fossabot is not able to query any Mastodon instance due to security concerns, your profile must be available through to be retrievable by Fossabot.


This variable takes one required parameter that is a Mastodon handle of who to fetch the most recent status of.

Example Output

  • $(mastodon @fossabot)

    👋 - | 4 minutes and 53 seconds ago

Error Output

  • In case no handle is provided, returns the following:

    [Error: No account provided.]
  • In case no handle is not found, or not federated to, returns the following:

    [Error: Account not found.]
  • In case there are troubles communicating with, returns the following:

    [Error: Mastodon API.]
  • In case the user does not have a public status, returns the following:

    [Error: User does not have a public status.]