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Returns the current League of Legends league points and rank of a summoner.


This variable takes two required parameters. The first parameter is the account region of a summoner, and the second parameter is the public name of a summoner.

  • Supported Account Regions
    • br - (Brazil)
    • eune - (Europe Nordic & East)
    • euw - (Europe West)
    • jp - (Japan)
    • kr - (Republic of Korea)
    • lan - (Latin America North)
    • las - (Latin America South)
    • na - (North America)
    • oce - (Oceania)
    • pbe - (Public Beta Environment)
    • tr - (Turkey)

Example Output

  • $(leagueoflegends kr SKT T1 Faker)

    SKT T1 Faker is currently Challenger I 1102 LP

Error Output

  • In case a summoner cannot be found, returns the following:

    [Error: Summoner not found.] 
  • In case a summoner is currently unranked, returns the following:

    [Error: Summoner stats not found.]