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Returns the current League of Legends league points and rank of a player.

Riot ID transition

Riot has announced their intention to migrate from Summoner Names to Riot IDs.

In response, Fossabot is changing the syntax of $(leagueoflegends). From $(leagueoflegends <region> <summoner name>) to $(leagueoflegends <region> <Riot#ID>).

For example, $(leagueoflegends na WallisDev) becomes $(leagueoflegends na Aiden#Dev).

The variable will continue to support both methods, but as Riot phases out the use of Summoner Names, the legacy functionality will break.


This variable takes two required parameters. The first parameter is the account region of a player, and the second parameter is the Riot ID of the player.

  • Supported Account Regions
    • br - (Brazil)
    • eune - (Europe Nordic & East)
    • euw - (Europe West)
    • jp - (Japan)
    • kr - (Republic of Korea)
    • lan - (Latin America North)
    • las - (Latin America South)
    • na - (North America)
    • oce - (Oceania)
    • pbe - (Public Beta Environment)
    • ph - (Philippines)
    • ru - (Russia)
    • sg - (Singapore)
    • th - (Thailand)
    • tw - (Taiwan)
    • tr - (Turkey)
    • vn - (Vietnam)

Example Output

  • $(leagueoflegends kr Hide on bush#KR1)

    Hide on bush is currently Grandmaster I 789 LP

Error Output

  • In case a Riot ID is not found, returns the following:

    [Error: Riot ID not found.]
  • In case a summoner cannot be found in the given region, returns the following:

    [Error: Summoner not found.] 
  • In case a summoner is currently unranked, returns the following:

    [Error: Summoner stats not found.]