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Configuration Tester

The configuration tester is a simple way to test against all installed (and enabled) lookalikes on this channel or preset.

lookalike tester example

Ensure Lookalikes are Installed

The currently installed and enabled lookalikes on my channel for this test are wigglez_morse, wigglez_braille, and wigglez_global.

Enter a Test Phrase

I'm going to enter the test phrase thiŞ iŞ คຖ ēxค๓plē Şēຖtēຖ¢ē and press the SUBMIT button.


lookalike tester example2

You can see that the wigglez_morse and wigglez_braille lookalikes do not modify the message because nothing was matched.

After the message passed wigglez_global, the message is now able to be processed by a blocked term or keyword that looks for this is an example sentence.