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Phrase Groups

Phrase groups allow you to define a set of phrases that must be matched in order to trigger a keyword. Every single phrase within a given phrase group must match, else Fossabot will continue to match other groups.

You can have multiple phrase groups per keyword, which act as "OR" statements for triggering a keyword. Phrase groups are by default fuzzy-matched and case-insensitive, but there are optional flags that allow you to customize the matching behaviour of a given phrase:

Adding a phrase to a group

To add a phrase to a phrase group, simply click inside a phrase group:

First step to adding a phrase

Then type the phrase into the input:

Second step to adding a phrase

Finally, hit the return key on your keyboard to add it to the phrase:

Third step to adding a phrase

You should see the phrase in a blue tag, this means it has been added to the keyword phrase group.

Using phrase groups

Consider the following phrase group:

First example

This phrase group will trigger if you, are and awesome appear anywhere in the message content. So you are awesome could match, but so could awesome are you or even you are not awesome. This also ignores spaces, so you're aren't awesomest would also be matched by Fossabot.

However, you could combine these phrases into a single phrase:

Second example

Then Fossabot would match you are awesome!!, but not you are not awesome - as the entire phrase block is not able to be matched anywhere in you are not awesome.

Multiple phrase groups

Assuming a use case where you would like to match you are awesome or you are cool, it may be your first instinct to do something like this:

Example of an incorrect phrase group

However, this is incorrect! You are asking Fossabot to only match content that contains both you are cool AND you are awesome. You will want to create multiple phrase groups to create an OR condition, where instead you ask Fossabot to match if either phrase exists.

Click the Add Phrase Group button, it will add another input, and move you are cool into the below phrase group like so:

Example of a correct phrase group

This will then match if either you are cool OR you are awesome is contained within the message content!